Simple 3-minutes Shower Soak Routine

Finally Resolved My Yellow Nails & Smelly Feet

Thankfully My Wife is Relieved Too

Battling toenail fungus for over a year has been really hard. I used to think it would stick around forever! I was puzzled about how I even got the fungus. Initially, I thought maybe it was because I was always in my sneakers or heavy work boots, but I've learned there's more to it.

At the start, my toenails were cloudy and yellow. I didn’t worry much about it and just hoped it would go away by itself. However, things only got worse!


It was really challenging to handle toenail fungus for more than a year. I used to think it would never fade away. At first, my guess was that wearing my heavy work boots all day caused it, but I've since learned more about it.

When it started, my toenails got a cloudy yellow color. I overlooked it initially, just hoping it would naturally resolve. However, the situation only worsened.

My wife started putting my shoes outside in the garage to hide the smell. Then she began using baking soda in my shoes to dry them out and make them smell better. My wife made me start washing my feet every day with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to try and fix the problem. But just when things seemed to be improving, my feet seemed to get worse. It felt like the infection was always there. The pain and smell came back, and my nails and feet were dry and smelly again!

But that didn't work either! I was surprised to see what people will try to do to get rid of the fungus. This affects more people than I ever thought! And no matter what I tried, nothing worked. I felt like one of those crazy folks...but honestly, I didn't care. My feet looked really unhealthy.

The Fungus Spread & My Wife Got Infected Too

I had no idea toenail fungus was so contagious. And it really upset my wife! After she started staying away from me, she got yellow toenails too. She was so scared. She thought my stinky shoes and dirty socks might be spreading the fungus. She wasn’t sure if she got it from me or from my shoes, socks, or my dirty towels. I got blamed for all of it because fungus breeds in moist and dirty shoes and socks.

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After all our home treatments failed, we decided to see a doctor. The doctor’s medicines were really expensive and took a long time to try. He gave us Penlac, Kerydin, and Jublia. None of them worked at first, so we had to keep trying different things. The doctor said if the fungus went deeper into our toes and the meds still didn’t work, he might have to surgically remove our toenails to get to the root of the fungus.

What I Did Daily to Remove the Toenail Fungus

Beating fungus is really tough. I learned we had to handle all the different layers of the infection. It's more than just a skin problem. The fungus needs to be trapped, and the skin has to be made soft before you can put any treatment on. You must open the skin to reach the roots of the fungus. That way, you can target it better. I had tried so many things, and it was a nightmare. I nearly gave up. But then, while searching online, I stumbled upon something new: a shower soak routine. Luckily, this 3-minute shower soak routine changed everything and fixed our problem completely. After each shower, we followed the steps. The shower routine let us uncover the nail fungus, and the final solution got rid of the fungus for good!

Goodbye Fungus . . . We Can Wear Sandals Again

Luckily, sticking to the 3-minute shower plan and using this remedy every day really helped. The irritation slowly went away. As time passed, both my nails and feet got much better. My wife noticed her feet improving too, which brought her lots of happiness and relief. The thick, yellow nails were gone and they looked normal again.

foot washing in spa before treatment. spa treatment and product for female feet and hand spa. white flowers in ceramic bowl with water for aroma therapy at spa.

Our nails look the best they ever have, and our feet are healthy once more. It's been months since we finished the treatment! And the best news... the fungus hasn't come back! My wife is even going out to get her nails done again... and... she's now wearing sandals proudly! This daily shower routine was a big success for us, after both being affected for so long, so it might help you too!

Take a moment to check out the video below and see how much we changed. Believe me, it’s worth the extra time! This easy routine totally changed my life and how my feet feel. My wife is super happy with how things turned out! Click the button or image below to find out how this 3-minute shower routine can permanently remove toenail fungus! 👇

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